It takes TIME to get out of ESL

Posted by Lori Goldman on Wednesday, January 29, 2014
It is important that stress is reduced but focus is improved.
Fun = Language Skills

Lord Byng Secondary School says this:
    •    Students typically spend 2-3 years in ESL + 1-2 years in transitional. It is not unusual for students who come in with very limited English to spend an additional 1-2 years in ESL.
    •    A new language takes students up to 7 years to attain fluency.

My advice is this:
Please do not fret if you are not out of ESL immediately. 
This is a process that you are going through. 

You can move faster by doing these:
    •    Join clubs at school - English ones to make friends and practice communication

    •    Do many activities outside the house - community centre courses, skiing or
                   other sports, Boy Scouts/Girl Guides, Robokids, PedalHeads (bicycle classes), etc.with English speakers.

    •    Play English games online.

    •    Read every day harder and harder books - focus on the content, the author's reasons for writing, and vocab. This does not always mean writing stuff down but just paying attention.

    •    Watch movies - English only first time, with English sub-titles the second time.

    •    Write a short journal daily. Write your feelings and ideas. 10 - 15 minutes.  Don't worry about grammar.

    •    Ask your ESL teacher for advice.  Then follow it.  She/He is watching you and waiting for you to speak up.

    •    Plan your time and work in small doses. 20 minutes on one subject at one time is enough. You get tired!!!

    •    Sleep a lot.  That means go to bed early. Not enough sleep = no energy to learn.

Love from you tutor,

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