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Harvard Students Cheat! Is it really the best?

Posted by Lori Goldman on Sunday, February 3, 2013, In : University 
To all my students:
Everyone has an idea of Harvard being the 'best of the best', but is it really? Just getting into an elite school does not mean everyone is an excellent student.  Cheating is not 'cool', whether copying on a test or plagiarizing on a paper. 
Ethics are of paramount importance wherever students learn.  Morals define us.

Dozens of Harvard students forced to leave over cheating
CBC News    Feb 2, 2013

A cheating scandal has forced dozens of students to withdraw from Harvard Univ...
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Making sure you are prepared for university

Posted by Lori Goldman on Saturday, March 24, 2012, In : University 
Many students come to Vancouver in their teenage years.  They arrive with little or no English and hope to gain English skills very quickly.  Their parents expect the students to graduate at the same time and with the same abilities and competence as students who have lived in and spoken English all their lives.

This idea, although admirable, puts a great deal of stress on the teenagers who are already going through many life changes: moving to a new country, separation from family and friends...
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