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       1.5 hours per class  (except cooking*)

                                                                   classes per course

                  $200 per course   (except cooking*)

       Morning or Afternoon Classes - call for details.

Learn To Cook Western Food

  • Easy to follow recipes    
  • New flavours and cooking styles
  • Canadian/World food information
  • Yummy FOOD to eat. 

* 3 HOUR CLASS!   $300 for 8 classes.

Reading Club

Short interesting readings to talk about. 

Vocabulary and pronunciation  skills included.

Know Your World

  • Field trips to learn about Vancouver and Canadian culture. 
  • Shop in new neighbourhoods. 
  • Eat in local restaurants. 
  • Visit places of interest.


Do you have an idea for a group?  Do your friends want to learn about something special?  We can discuss whatever you like.

  • Citizenship
  • Parenting
  • Settling in a new country
  • How to talk to the teacher