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tutoring can be part of editing. Learn how to fix your work and get grammar and writing tips at the same time.  This is ONLINE, face-to-face, and in real time. Charges are per hour.


Send documents (essays, letters, resumes, etc) via email.

Lori will proofread or edit your work. This ensures that your finished product is of the highest quality and says exactly what you want.

The amount of editing depends on the quality of writing you send. The rate will reflect the level of quality.

Charges are based on the time it takes to proofread and make comments on your work.

Time is recorded on the Word document returned to the client.


Documents must be the writer's own work.  Any work that is copied from any source (book, online, magazine) will not be edited and will be returned to the client.  Plagiarism is a serious offence and will not be supported.

Content, Quality and Final Use of the text is your responsibility.

English With Lori cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or
injury resulting from any use of the edited material.

Documents must be sent in

Word format (.doc or .docx)

Times New Roman

font size 12

spaced 1.5 or 2

Study on the internet from the comfort of your home or office.

Contact us to register for a class or get fee informaion.  

SKYPE CLASSES      Free Skype download

  • Practise conversation
  • Do grammar exercises
  • Get immediate feedback and correction
  • Receive class notes afterwards

WebEx CLASSES     Free WebEx download

  • improve the experience of learning a language online.
  • compatible with most computers. You must have a computer with high-speed Internet access and the most recent versions of Java and Flash.
  • edit your work together with Lori from your own home, across the city or across the world
  • share desktop to read and discuss articles and written work

Just click the GREEN box on the WebEx page to "Sign up Free", follow the directions, and you're ready to go.