SMD Boarding School in Nepal

Nepal is a country hard-hit by poverty, political upheaval and ignorance.

SMD Boarding School in Kathmandu provides housing and education to almost 600 children with support from people all around the world. 
People like you and me.
Education is the primary vehicle by which poor children can lift themselves out of poverty. Thrangu Rinpoche established the school in 1987 with a vision of providing an education for children from the Himalayas. While offering these children a secular education, SMD School also helps to preserve Tibetan Buddhism as well as the language and the cultural identity of Himalayan peoples.

The children come from far away (sometimes a 7-day walk) and often at a young age without their families. 

SMD becomes their family.  The students stay in dormitories in the school compound and live with their friends for up to 14 years, studying English, Nepali and Tibetan. 

They follow the teachings of their lama, Thrangu Rinpoche, who came to Nepal from Tibet.  The children learn compassion and understanding from Buddhist philosophy.
The academic education is so rigorous that more than 35 students have been offered scholarships in 7 countries to study in high school and university.

The children who study overseas promise their main teacher (Thrangu Rinpoche) to go back to Nepal and improve the lives of their fellow citizens. 

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SMD Boarding School website  HERE
Canadian Foundation website  HERE            and    Facebook     

Volunteers in Canada and Nepal make sure the money gets to its destination.
You could go to help teach English, sports, science or math. 
People take much needed supplies to the school: medical supplies, educational materials, vitamins, wool and needles, and more. 
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SMD Boarding School in Kathmandu, Nepal. 
This is the office, classroom, computer room and library building.

In 2007, a group of SMD students wrote and produced a CD called Bring Back Peace.  They call their band Peace Mantra and hope to spread the word to the world.  No More War! 

  Watch the video they made.

Listen to the music!

01 Bring Back Peace.mp3

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