ENGLISH WITH LORI was started by Lori, a trained ESL teacher, businesswoman and world traveler. 

Born and raised in Canada, Lori studied at Goddard College in the USA, getting a BA in Education. (BEd.)
She received TESL certification in 1995 and has taught English in Vancouver, BC, and Asia for 28 years. She now lives in the lovely Okanagan Valley, in Penticton, land of lakes and fruit and wine!

Lori travelled around the world by herself (by plane, truck, bus, and boat) and studied Mandarin in Taichung, Taiwan. She has basic Mandarin speaking skills. 
She taught English in Taiwan for 3.5 years.
She has visited Nepal numerous times supporting children in a school in Kathmandu.

She brings an understanding of different cultures, helping immigrants and international students with their new lives in Canada. She prepares students in other countries
 before they arrive in Canada.

Lori helps develop English skills (reading, speaking, pronunciation, writing) and cultural awareness, with great success.

Lori's younger students have moved to private schools in Vancouver and abroad, and they have gone on to excellent universities for undergraduate and graduate degrees.          Read some comments

Lori supports children in Nepal directly and through the Namo Buddha Foundation Canada.
She also supports the Penticton Museum and Archives providing information on natural history and wildlife.
She works with cats at the local SPCA Shelter.
New Canadian Citizens
Proud new Canadians in Vancouver.

Students in Nepal, two of whom studied in Canada.